Creating the Dewy Makeup Look

There is a fine line between that coveted dewy, glowing look and a shiny face. Makeup trends go back and forth between matte and dewy, but the glowing look ultimately seems to be esteemed for radiating health. Here are some steps for achieving a glow to your skin that doesn't look oily.

If you have oily skin, start off with an oil-free moisturizer. Apply a mattifier to your T-zone, as it's never the desired effect to shine in these areas. Normal or dry complexions can get away with a richer moisturizer, even mixing it with a luminizer for an extra brightening effect.

Use a cream blush in flattering shades - soft pink or peach for light skin, tangerine or reddish tone for dark skin - and apply along the apples of the cheeks. Applying the blush before foundation gives a more natural flush, as if radiating from within.

Use a cream foundation only in areas where needed and keep your application light: the ultimate goal is to achieve the look of a bare face - just evened out. Stipple a moistened makeup sponge around the face to keep the coverage as sheer as possible. Spot-apply concealer to the typical areas: under the eyes, around the base of the noise, or where any other discoloration occurs.

Apply a light sweep of a powder blush in a matching shade as the cream blush: this helps enhance and set the cream blush, adding more dimension.

To set your makeup, apply a light dusting of translucent powder to the T-zone: nose, forehead, and chin. Avoid the cheeks, or keep the application there as minimal as possible. This is where you will emphasize an element of radiance.

Next take a highlighting pen and apply the product to the tops of the cheekbones, making sure to blend in. This will reflect light, making the cheekbones appear higher and giving your skin added luminosity.

Take a shimmery white shadow and apply it to the tear-duct area of the eyes, the brow bone, and a little over the brows. This has a similar effect of brightening and opening up the face. Take a slightly off-white eye pencil and line the inner rims of your eyes, known as the waterline, which will open them up. Curl lashes and apply a single coat of mascara. The focus should be on your skin, not your eyes.

Optional last step: Apply a spritz of mineral water to the face.


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