Creating a Good Canvas for Makeup

A lot of makeup artists will take steps to prep someone's face prior to applying makeup. The better the canvas (your skin), the better the makeup will look and the less you'll need.

Some basic tips to prep your skin:

Use a light physical (scrub) or chemical (alpha hydroxy, glycolic acid) exfoliant: This will remove dead skin and create a natural blush.

Depending on your skin type, apply a hydrating or oil reducing mask. A good trick for a moisturizing mask is to apply it and wear it in the shower: the steam will help the ingredients sink in. After the shower, apply a cream containing hyaluronic acid lotion to seal in moisture.

If you want to take the extra step, apply an eye mask to reduce puffiness. You can also freeze spoons and apply gently to your under eye area.

Drink a lot of water earlier in the day, stay away from heavy carbs, and eat lean protein.

Lesser known vitamins that are great to take for the skin: Alpha Lipoic Acid (a super antioxidant), Coenzyme Q10, Omega 3s, and Vitamin D (necessary for skin healing).


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