A Disclaimer on Future Makeup Images

Going forward, any makeup imagery I'll be doing will be on myself. I wanted to avoid this, because I find it a little narcissistic. However, any grief I cause myself will be of my own doing. I'm personally spending a tremendous amount of energy and money trying to share what I've learned and give people inspiration for their own makeup looks. I'm not creating world peace by any means, but what I'm giving out lately has felt like a lot more than what I'm getting back for this effort.

Recently a few cosmetic companies have generously offered to share their products with me, and I truly appreciate this. Still, about 98% of this endeavor I pay for out of my own pocket. This is probably the dumbest business model, so I'm rethinking some things.

When I do makeup on others, I tell them upfront what I'll be doing, my ideas, my approach. I always aim to be very accommodating and respectful towards them. I don't charge them anything, not for my service or for the makeup. I don't push any products on them to buy. This, for the most part, is just a win-win for anyone who wants her makeup done.

Yet so far, I've had very little thanks for what I've done: I honestly think I heard it once. Going a step further, I dealt with a total lack of common courtesy and insensitivity in both my personal and professional lives this past year. This may be why this is a particular sore spot. People who seem exhausted by the two-syllable saying, "thank you" just baffle me. Still, I see it more and more and hear this less and less.

In doing others' makeup, I've become an unwilling psychologist, having to suddenly contend with people's pre-existing body issues and personal hang-ups. I'm just enhancing a little with makeup. I cannot change how you feel about yourself. I've wasted a lot of time, energy, and money dealing with people who were not honest with me back.

I get a great deal of joy out of giving people uplifting imagery and ideas, helping them understand more about makeup, and brightening their spirit a little. Don't lose sight of my main point. But it isn't hard to express some basic gratitude for a free service and be a little generous in spirit back. I do this all the time, and trust me, it takes no energy out of you but gives a lot back to another person.


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