A Note to the Young Women Out There

After working on a few young woman in their early 20s, I've observed some consistent themes: They all want to be tan, almost Snooki-level tan. They want to have hair color that doesn't occur in nature.

They want to look like someone completely other than themselves.

First off, as someone who loves makeup, I love the game of dress-up and don't criticize that at all. I've experimented with myself tons. As I grow older, though, I realize increasingly just how beautiful people are in their natural state. That doesn't mean makeup-free, unwashed, unkempt: That means enhancing your natural coloring and not working against it.

If you are born with porcelain-white skin, it's such a beautiful trait to play up. Think of model Karen Elson, who borders on ghostly-pale. To maintain that look, she must live like a virtual vampire, wear SPF 100, and use makeup that possibly lightens her skin even further. It works beautifully on her. Best of all, she won't get premature wrinkles.

There are images of Naomi Watts in self-tanner and bronzer: It looks fake and works against her natural beauty.

People love Brigitte Bardot, but what they love is the sex-kitten image she had decades ago. She was a sun-worshiper. Google her current images and get a dose of reality: the sun wreaks havoc on you over time, if not immediately. Yes, she would look older and wrinkled today naturally, but some of that is definitely a result of laying out.

If you have dark or or olive-toned skin, go with makeup shades that play up your natural undertones. Think of Iman, who must have a PhD in how to enhance her natural coloring. She does lighten her hair, but it's done to enhance the depth of her skin coloring.

Young women, you don't appreciate just how beautiful you are: You can live like an Ivory-girl and still look beautiful. You can sleep three hours and look refreshed. Don't wait until you're a lot older to appreciate this stage of life and your beauty.

Brigitte in her sun worshiping days.

Brigitte Bardot today


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