Product Review: Physicians Formula's CoverToxTen50

This is a lesser-known product by Physicians Formula. Suffering from some bouts of insomnia lately, I'm on the hunt for any product that promises to make you look more awake and soften any appearance of fatigue (read: under eye circles and bags). On a whim, I decided to try the product (available at any drugstore where Physicians Formula is sold).

I applied it on a day when I felt particularly tired. The promise is that within 10 minutes of application, the appearance of wrinkles will be reduced by 50%. Ambitious, huh? The images on the package mimic women before and after a mini-face lift.

The product does actually reduce all appearances of fatigue and makes you look younger. Impressed, I contacted Physicians Formula to get more information on the product for a review. After several days, I learned the company isn't talking, so I had to do a little research on my own.

If you go on the Physicians Formula website, the product's efficacy is attributed to a trademarked complex under an acronym the company created: BV-OCS. Not very helpful. Another component highlighted is GABA, which is more universal and easier to research. GABA, in the beauty product world, is known as a muscle relaxant. In theory, the product is relaxing some facial muscles that may age the skin (i.e. frown lines). While applying or wearing the product, you feel no relaxant sensation.

The top ingredients rounding out the product are mica (known for its light-diffusing properties) and a chemical often used in hair conditioners for emollient properties.

The product is $13 and produces a diffused, refreshed effect to the skin. If you can get past some of the cloak-in-dagger around the miracle ingredients, it's definitely worth a try.


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