Worth Their Weight in Gold

Here are a few products that are very high end and expensive, but if you have the money to buy them, they work amazingly well. My sister and I once had a joke to not even tease ourselves by trying expensive products, because it's like exposing yourself to a desert island you can't really visit or live on. Well, I did on these products, and I remember them fondly.

Cle de Peau Concealer stick: I have undereye bags and darkness that pop up if I get a wink less than 7 hours sleep. This product is the only one that covers both with a small dab, blends seamlessly into the skin, and stays put. When I bought it, it was $60 (it's now $70). The product lasted a little over a year with daily use (never going bad). That results in $5/month, or $.16/day.

Creme de la Mer The Eye Concentrate: Got this as a sample and still mourning the loss. I don't know what magic potion the elusive wizards at La Mer put in this thing (notoriously referred to as a "miracle broth"), nor do I care. No matter how little sleep you get, put it on at night, and you'll wake up looking refreshed. At $165 per .5 ounces, I can't afford to rely on this product. If you can, go for it: it's a miracle worker.

Kinerase Extreme Face Lift: This product promises to make you look "10 years younger in 5 minutes." It may be an overstatement, but you do feel an actual tightening of the skin and you look like you just returned from a spa. At $150 per 1 flow ounce, it's like liquid gold.

YSL Teint Resist: This foundation is one of the items I got while under a trance at Saks. It's a matte foundation that keeps my oily skin looking shine free. The real test is going under harsh, florescent lights and still looking polished and photogenic. This foundation passes with flying colors.


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