Beauty Tips Courtesy of Makeup Artist Wayne Alan Goss

1. Contrary to what we've all been taught, don't apply blush to the apples of your cheeks while smiling: Once you stop smiling, the cheeks drop and the blush is lower on your face. This actually ages the appearance, according to Goss. While applying blush, don't smile and run the blush along the cheekbones, sweeping upwards. He calls it an "instant face lift."

2.) Match your foundation to your neck, not your face. The neck is typically a little darker than the skin tone of the face.

3.) People with oily skin don't ever need moisturizer. You have enough natural moisture in your skin.

4.) Anti-aging creams "don't work, or there would be no such thing as botox and face lifts." He recommends simply wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen religiously and using a vitamin A derivative product. As an aside, please always talk to your doctor about the safety of certain topical products while pregnant.

For more tips like these, you can find him at Gossmakeupartist on Youtube. He makes sure to cover makeup tutorials on women of all ages and ethnicities. He's underrated, brave, honest, and so talented.


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