Elizabeth Taylor's Beauty

She was known for having classic Hollywood beauty, but in her later years, she showed her mettle as an activist: She championed HIV/AIDS awareness at a time when people were still hugely unaware and afraid of the disease. She came to the fierce defense of Michael Jackson when he was under fire for alleged child molestation. Whatever you believed at the time, her loyalty as a friend was fiery and touching at once. She lured countless men. She survived countless health challenges. She succumbed today.

Her beauty should be a great reminder of embracing and enhancing your most prominent features, even if they go against the grain. In her most stunning photos, she is the antithesis of the watered down, commercial beauty we see today and the bombshell blondes in old Hollywood: She was ivory-skinned, had thick brows, and kept her hair short and black. Keep this idea in mind when approaching your own sense of beauty and style: Embrace what makes you individual. It's the very thing that will make you unforgettable.


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