Mission: Find the Holy Grail of All Beauty Products

I'm going to spend the next month researching and looking for the best item I can find in each category:

1. Facial moisturizer
2. Body moisturizer
3. Sunscreen
4. Deep conditioner/conditioner
5. Anti-aging product
6. Lipstick
7. Blush
8. Foundation
9. Eye shadow palette
10. Anti-acne product

Since I don't get paid by any company to promote their products, my finds won't be influenced by anything other than my opinion. I've started this project and think I may have already found the best sunscreen and anti-aging product. I've read these lists in magazines, but there's always a bit of skepticism on my part because I sense there's a relationship between the magazines and the brands. Feel free to disagree with me, but I hope the list helps you.

I'm also going to do something I've never done as much as I should: Research companies based on their ethics. Do they test on animals? Do they support charitable causes? Are they responsible with manufacturing and disposal? This will likely be a separate article, but it's an area I've wanted to look into more so that I can specifically support the brands that are responsible. I don't like slamming particular brands, so the focus will be on listing the most responsible brands. If you don't see a big name company listed, it may be for this reason.


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