A Moment of Pride

Yesterday, I did makeup for a professional photographer for the first time. Today, I got a glimpse of one of her photos: The image's beauty just stopped me cold; my heart swelled. I felt equally proud of the photographer and the subject in the photos: Without all three of us working so well together, the results wouldn't have been so good.

Please indulge me as a savor a moment of pride. Anytime one pursues a creative field, there are dark moments when you doubt you will ever make it, that you're fooling yourself, that maybe you're just not any good.

I've pushed ahead anyway, facing a lot of rejection. I expect plenty more. But right now, just looking at this image, I'm just going to feel happy.

More information about the photographer, Rebecca Brown, is on my page at facebook.com/makeupbyELM. I highly recommend her.


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