Product Review: Kett Hydro Foundation

I got this product after seeing some raves about it on Youtube. The manufacturer offers sample sizes in shade undertones, which is helpful for a foundation that isn't available in the department stores. Kett is a high-def. airbrush foundation, but the hydro foundation can also be applied with a stippling brush. I bought the Olive sample set and found a perfect shade match in the collection.

Since I've never used an airbrush foundation, I was surprised at how watery it is. I applied the foundation with a stippling brush and was initially impressed with the results. Because the consistency is so fine, it does seem to meld right into the skin. This works well for anyone with minor skin imperfections, but such a watery product can't cover any skin issues such as blemishes.

The problem I have is the foundation never seems to "set." It stays a wet consistency and wears down easily. At work, if I touched my face, I actually saw fingerprint marks and streaking left behind. It was reminiscent of the middle school days when we used drugstore foundations that had completely worn off by the end of the day. Even applying a setting powder didn't help.

This may be my skin type: I have combination skin. Possibly, it's meant for drier skin tones that can absorb this moisture better. I know that foundations can wear differently on different people. I strongly suggest anyone curious about this product buy the sample sizes first and see how it works on you.

As an aside, Kett makes contouring products that I love. This is where a product that's fluid and blends works great.

The foundation retails at $30 for 35 ml. and is the same price for a sample set. Kett is alcohol, fragrance, and paraben free.


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