What is Fresh-Faced Makeup?

The winning entry by Rhi Mendez

I've always loved the idea of this, partly because it marries the concepts of bare-faced and made-up. It utilizes makeup techniques and visible makeup to enhance the look of someone who's healthy and happy.

I wanted to see how others viewed this concept, so about a month ago I posed this question to the people on my page and asked them to be their own MUAs (I was simply tired of looking at my own makeup work, too).

The winner has been chosen based on makeup technique and a strong interpretation of the concept. Rhi Mendez will get $50 in her choice of cosmetics from e.l.f. Anyone who knows this brand knows $50 will buy you a lot of makeup.

Rhi's look epitomizes fresh-faced: In the image, she looks like she'd slept 10 hours, taken a relaxing bath, then applied a little makeup to enhance her good mood. Her application technique was simply great and took my breath away.

Still, it was really tough to pick just one winner. A second prize will be awarded to Melissa Kaye, who made a late entry tonight. Her makeup application was clean and also epitomized the concept. She will get a $10 item of her choice from e.l.f.

All others who participated will get the e.l.f. eyelash curler (which is highly rated) and a regular lipstick in their shade choice.

Please e-mail me your addresses and product choices at elm914@gmail.com. I'm also looking into a way of awarding gift certs through e-mail. Thanks again to everyone who participated! I truly loved looking at all the entries and thought everyone had an original and great take on the concept.

Congratulations, Rhi and Melissa!


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