Product review: Stila Prime Pot Concealer Shadow and Base

I got this product at IMATS, so it was a quick grab. I didn't realize it wasn't a Kitten item until I got home. The Stila Prime Pot eyeshadow base in Caramel is an orange-hued cream base similar in idea to the MAC Paint Pots. The problem with this product is the pigmentation: It is so dark and deeply pigmented that it doesn't just conceal; it actually overpowers your eyeshadow and alters the shadow's color. This defeats the purpose Stila was attempting. I can't imagine this shade resembles anyone's skin color, mainly because the undertone is so orange. The darkness may be to cover bluish tones from veining, but the Prime Pot could've accomplished that with a color that occurs in nature (or, better yet, within the human race).

The product is also meant to be a primer and claims to prevent creasing. The texture is smooth, but it doesn't blend easily onto the skin; it tugs a bit. Does it seem to prevent creasing? Yes. But one could easily accomplish the same thing with cream concealer that does match her skin tone. I did this for all of my teens and 20s, before eyeshadow primers were even a concept. It works just as well.

You can save yourself $20 on this one, or buy an eyeshadow primer that really does work, such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance.


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