Quick Sunscreen Tips

In preparation for the long weekend, please keep these tips in mind when wearing sunscreen or sunblock.

1. Areas that are often forgotten when people apply: Ears, feet and the backs of hands. On a more aesthetic note, work the product onto your jawline and along your neck, as it helps prevent some of the jowling we see later in life. Also, use a lip product with an SPF of at least 15. Dermatologists report seeing skin cancer in the lips, since the skin is delicate and the area is often neglected.

2. Sunscreen wears off after about three hours. Even if you're not swimming, remember to reapply. If you're wearing makeup, bring a light powder that contains SPF so that you can reapply without rubbing off your makeup.

3. If your hair is colored, mix a little sunscreen in a spray bottle filled mostly with water. This will cut down on fading and brassiness from the sun. Of course, there are also hair products that contain UV filters.

4. I know some people have concerns around the safety of the chemicals in sunscreen: Options are to go with a sunblock (which is a physical barrier), an organic brand, or a sunscreen made for babies. If you want to skip it, avoid the sun at high noon, wear a hat, and stay in the shade.

Enjoy the long weekend, spend a lot of time outdoors, and have fun!


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