Beauty Doesn't Have a Weight Limit

I was asked a question regarding my "bombshell" contest that upset me a bit: The question was, Does this have an age and weight limit? I've deleted the question from my page, in case the person doesn't want attention called to her.

First off, the answer is absolutely not. Again, I want to emphasize that this contest is being judged on makeup application technique and a strong portrayal of the individual's idea of this concept. It is not a Miss America contest. It is not about perpetuating one standard of beauty.

I've used all young, slender women and teen girls in my makeup images so far. This wasn't a deliberate effort: I've posted a few times asking for women over 40, and I've tried to get women over 40 on my page. I just haven't been successful yet. Same goes for plus-size women.

Years ago, I read an article by chef Nigella Lawson about owning your age: When she turned 30, she threw a big birthday party for herself, in part to declare the age with pride and so she could never fudge it later. She focused on the things she's gained as she's moved along through her forties: wisdom, insight, and no longer needing other people's validation to feel good about herself.

One top beauty magazine recently included the ages of its editorial models: The oldest by far was 24, while the rest were 16-20. This a reminder that the beauty images we're inundated with feature women who are extremely young. And even those women have the benefit of professional makeup artists, flattering lighting and photography, then airbrushing to make them look supernaturally perfect.

All in all, I want to emphasize that a beautiful woman has no age- or weight limit. It's not lip service: I truly want to be a part of those encouraging a broader standard of beauty.


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