Product Review: DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Makeup

This is a long-wearing foundation with SPF 25, but the debate about its level of coverage is ongoing: Some reviews call it light to medium and some call it full. Having used this foundation for a few weeks, I'm on Team Full Coverage.

With acne long in my past, I've been using light to medium coverage foundations for years. I forgot how heavy a full coverage could feel. Dior's foundation is meant to stay on, be water resistant, and cover a multitude of sins: It does all of those things well. One particular beauty of it is it covers my newer and persistent problem: undereye circles. I actually forget to put on concealer sometimes after applying it.

What's hard to get over is how thick it feels on the skin (I've consistently decreased the amount I apply). It also seems to stay a wet consistency. Those two factors ensure you never forget you're wearing it. The question for anyone considering this foundation is what's more import to her: Covering perceived flaws or not feeling her makeup. Unfortunately, Dior Forever makes you choose.

The foundation retails for $46 and can be found at Sephora or


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