Product Review: Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

To really appreciate Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer, you need one thing: A huge lack of sleep. I bought it at IMATS NY in April and since then, my opinions on it wavered.

Then the summer heat took over this week. I've never slept well when it gets this hot. Today I'm going on close to a week's worth of little sleep. When I looked in the mirror this morning, my usual under eye circles had taken on the darkness of ongoing bad sleep. Beyond that, they had the blue undertone which is caused by blood pooling.

This was the time to test the product. The point of a salmon or peach concealer is color correction, not so much concealing. This concealer's texture is what people debate: It's light, which goes against our understanding of fighting under eye circles. I have the Bobbi Brown Corrector, which is the same color concept but has a much denser quality.

Applying Eve Pearl's product this morning and seeing the darkness vanish with little effort made me finally appreciate it. It wasn't density or opaqueness that was covering my circles: It was the canceling effect of colors on opposite ends of the color spectrum.

If you have dark under eye circles, analyze whether they're just a darker shade of the rest of your face or if they have a blue or purple undertone (there is a marked difference). If they're just darker, using a concealer a few shades lighter than your skin tone will hide them. If they have a blue undertone, you want to focus more on the peach or salmon pigmentation and less on density.

The product is pricey at $35-$37 each, but it has the deepest pigmentation of any corrector I've seen, including Bobbi Brown's and Pixi's. A little goes a long way, meaning it will last you a long time. Infused with anti-oxidants and other skincare ingredients, the product is also marketed as a treatment.


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