"What is a bombshell?"

In light of the current contest I'm running (closes July 1), I was asked today, What is a bombshell? If I'd responded, I would've ruined the contest. The point of it is to give people the freedom to envision and recreate that look themselves.

We know through popular culture some of the bombshell icons: Marilyn Monroe is the most enduring of them all. But to limit that definition to a blonde with large breasts and a throaty voice is to limit ourselves. There is no one definition.

I created this contest to give women a chance to channel something they may not normally feel. Maybe they think it seems vain or conceited. But there is nothing wrong with showcasing your unique beauty with confidence. Oddly, this is something women are rarely given an opportunity to do without some criticism.

Some widely regarded bombshells from different decades:

Marilyn Monroe


Sophia Loren


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