Youtube Beauty Gurus: The Class Acts

So I've done a couple posts about Youtube beauty gurus that behave badly. In all fairness, I wanted to spotlight the ones that seem in the game for the love it, have true talent and passion, and try to keep themselves on an ethical platform. They don't spend their time pushing jewelry sites and the like; they focus on the art of makeup. Think Youtube is simply a forum for gag videos? These makeup artists have used it as a springboard and a legitimate teaching tool.

Lisa Eldridge: She is a seasoned and highly respected makeup artist currently based out of England. She often takes looks she created for high fashion magazines or celebrities and translates them onto the Youtube screen. The wealth of knowledge and her generosity at sharing it is immeasurable: watch her videos, and you've essentially gotten an education in makeup. She carries herself with an aura of class not typically seen anymore; tempered with kindness, she doesn't come across as the least bit snobby or rude. When I was doing a bride's makeup, I struggled with figuring out how to use SPF and make her look good in the photos. After a number of gurus didn't answer me, Lisa promptly responded and let me know I could go up to SPF 15 without issue.

Pixiwoo: These London-based sisters have immense talent. They recreate many celebrity looks, but they aren't tracers: Their personal touch on makeup shows they know the art form. Some of my favorite videos include the natural rapport they have with each other: Nic complains that Sam steals her brushes and doesn't pack for their trips; Sam denies it. Beyond that, they explain makeup application in a way that looks easier than it is. Nicola Chapman is about to have a baby, and Samantha Chapman is working on her brush line, Real Techniques. There may be a slowdown in videos, but hopefully they'll pick back up.

Gossmakeupartist: Another British makeup artist, Wayne Alan Goss is known for concise tutorials and product reviews. Beyond that, he seems driven to keep the trade and his Youtube channel run by pure intentions. Established as he is, he will still often buy products he reviews, perhaps to show the viewers he isn't driven by the bribery of freebies or money. He has dispelled so many widely held makeup myths. His focus is to teach people to think through why they're doing makeup a certain way and ask if there's a better way. He isn't youth or generic beauty focused, often pointing out the beauty in older women and women of color.

Emilynoel83: Emily Eddington sets the bar high: She treats her channel like a profession, turning out regular videos that are informative and high-quality. As someone who gets up for her news job at 1:30 each morning, she seems to have an energy source the rest of us don't. Beyond that, she is extremely polite and kind to her viewers, making an extra effort to respond to them individually and express her appreciation. She is often ahead of the curve on products that are both affordable and quality-made: That is the marker of a good guru - she isn't riding the wave; she's making it.

MissChievous: Her looks are the most creative of the aforementioned. She uses bright colors that aren't necessarily wearable for daytime, but that keep people inspired by how makeup can transform and be about creativity. As time has progressed, her talent with makeup has visibly grown. She recently recreated a look she'd done a couple years back, saying she knew she could improve upon it now.


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