The Hair Experiment

I glanced down at my security badge for work recently and noticed something a little alarming: My hair was exactly the same length as it was three months earlier (without a single trim). Hair typically grows a quarter to half an inch a month, so at the very least, I should have seen close to an inch in length.

My hair has stopped growing before: Typically this occurs during times of stress. Without a medical degree, my only guess is that the body's resources go to more critical areas. Odd things have restarted growth, such as scalp massage. Reportedly this increases blood flow to the hair follicles, which stimulates growth.

I've made a few changes to my routine, and I'll report back each month for a few months on whether they worked or not. They include:

1.) Virtually eliminating heat styling and blow drying. For months, I used a flat iron daily. I'd just stopped thinking about the damage that accumulates. Now I'm so determined to not blow dry my hair that I've stayed up particularly late after a shower until it dries naturally.

2.) Drinking more water and eating more lean protein: Both are areas I lapsed on several months back. Protein is the building block of hair, so a diet deficient in it will have an impact on growth. I'm also trying to improve my overall diet and have added a few vitamins. I've been warned by a doctor friend to not discuss vitamins, since it borders on giving medical advice. If you're interested in taking them, I'd recommend discussing them with your doctor first.

3.) Washing my hair every other day and switching to a sulfate free shampoo. Chaz Dean is just so darn convincing when he says we're "stripping and robbing" our hair with regular shampoo. Never has a shower sounded more like a crime scene, and never has lathering shampoo sounded more like The Accused.

There are a few more changes, but these are the main ones. I'll update on any progress in about a month.

My current (and possibly future) length


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