Review: Sephora Jumbo Liner 12 Hour Wear

Sephora's Jumbo Liner 12 Hour Wear, far left, and Make Up For Ever's shadow in Turquoise Shimmer.

Arguably, one of the worst brands in Sephora is its own makeup line: I got a waterproof mascara that barely tinted the lashes, much less lengthened or added volume to them. I tried a cheek stain that actually vanished when applied. Twice-burned, when I was doing a bride's makeup a couple month's back, I had so little faith in the waterproof liner that I grabbed a drugstore brand at the last minute.

This summer, my fascination is with turquoise: I was browsing Sephora and looking for that perfect eyeshadow or liner that was bright, bold, and of course, a Caribbean blue. I found it in Sephora Collection's makeup aisle. The liner was the Jumbo 12 Hour Wear. At $10 each, I was willing to take the risk and possibly be disappointed again.

Finally, I can say I'm not. This jumbo liner is creamy, richly pigmented, and truly lasts. I tried the rubbing technique after swatching it on my hand: It didn't budge. I also showered with it at the end of the day, even applying soap. Again, it stayed fully in place and as pigmented as when I first applied it. (I finally got it off by rubbing cold cream on it vigorously with a face cloth.)

Because it's a jumbo pencil, it can double as a shadow. I paired it with Make Up For Ever's Iridescent Eye Shadow in Turquoise Shimmer, which perfectly matched. With a real or faux summer tan, this is a gorgeous makeup shade.

Sephora's jumbo liner is a good dupe for Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil, which is the same amount of product for double the price.


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