Product Review: L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes

It was probably inevitable that a L'Oreal would continue to expand the success of its Voluminous mascara line by adding a version called False Lashes. This version is so new, it's not even listed on the company website. However, it's available in some stores, including Ulta and Walgreens. This mascara is packaged in a sleek gold case and promises to build a false lash effect with fibers. I'm at a disadvantage, having never used a false fiber mascara: Typically, these fibers are made of nylon or silk and bind to the natural lashes to enhance length. False fiber mascaras are very popular in Asia, given Asian lashes are typically very short and grow straight (believe me, I know).

This mascara is truly a mixed bag: It actually adds visible length to your lashes, but the formula is so dry and clumpy that you need to use extra caution while applying. It's best built slowly, applying a coat and letting it dry before adding another. If you're someone who is already adept with false fiber mascaras or doesn't mind taking the extra step of using an eyelash comb to separate your lashes, you may like this. Most people will probably find the formula too high-maintenance.

The wand is long, thin and tapered, not the usual full brush that comes with most Voluminous formulas. The other thing to caution about is that that fibers can create fall-out: While applying it, I noticed a small amount of black specks under my eyes. My immediate thought was what would happen if I got caught in a rainstorm or broke a sweat. Also, if you accidentally rub or touch your eyes, expect some fibers left on your hand.

While L'Oreal says the mascara adds curl and volume, the only thing I noticed was added length. It retails for around $9.


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