What I've Been Up To

In August, I decided to go on a little hiatus. I'd been blogging regularly about beauty products for six months and had hit saturation. Bless those who can do it continuously for years on end, because I don't have the stamina or the wallet for it. The products I review I purchase myself, and I only purchase them if they truly intrigue me and I want to try them. I'll never start collecting makeup just to have new items to show. When I find a product I absolutely love, I'm excited to write about it and let others know my thoughts on it. When I think a product is overrated or not worth the money, I'll let people know about that, too.

I knew I'd hit burnout when I began to see makeup collections, haul videos, new products that all blurred together. I couldn't stomach the term "peachy-pink" without wanting to reach through the computer screen and strangle whoever coined it and everyone that defaults to it. There has to be a new, more creative term out there to describe our makeup shades.

So what I did was not buy and not write about makeup or beauty, despite this topic being one of my major loves. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. There's one thing I always want to impress upon women who follow a lot of blogs and Youtube beauty channels: We are so much more than what we look like, what products we own, etc. I'd recommend taking a beauty hiatus every so often. The cosmetic industry rakes in hundreds of billions of dollars per year and has fared well even in a bust economy. It'll still be there when you return.

It was refreshing to get engaged in other subjects and to focus on a job that is finance-based. This background has always been a little at odds with my makeup interests: In investments, we are taught about  assets vs. liabilities. Assets grow in value and provide a return to us; liabilities depreciate in value. Makeup, for all its amazing virtues, is ultimately a liability - just like a new car the moment it's driven off the lot. That's not to say we shouldn't buy it. I understand the amazing transformative powers of it: Not only does it change our outside, but it can do wonders for our outlook and self-image. It just needs to be approached with a discerning eye. As consumers, we have an incredible ability to speak volumes to the makeup and beauty industry. Be selective in your purchases, track your spending, and budget if you need to.

And every so often, feel free to take a break.


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