Finding Use for a "Hated" Product

I bought Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer in Eden when it was touted as a primer and concealer in one. Riding high on many recent happy purchases, I assumed this one would fall in the same category.

The problem with Eden primer potion is your skin tone needs to be almost exactly the pale yellow shade of it for it to blend well: Otherwise, it makes your eyes look like they're coming down with jaundice.

This isn't a total fail for Urban Decay: I should've looked more at what the color is and tested it at Sephora. I kept the product, thinking it would work on lighter skinned people I'd do makeup on. When I tried it on a few different Caucasian skintones and they looked just as scary, I just decided it was a universal fail.

One day I had a thought: The product is opaque, yellow-based, and it's made to not crease and to last. Yep, I painted my walls with it. No, kidding aside, I tried it as an undereye concealer. It works beautifully under the eyes, when just a few degrees higher on the face, it's literally disturbing.

The lesson is if you have a product you hate that you can't return, consider some of its properties and if it could have another makeup use. For me, what I hated it on the eyelids I wanted on my undereye area: coverage and opacity.. At the very least, you won't feel like you wasted your money. At best, you may have a turnaround on your opinion of the product.


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