Product Review: Dr. Jules Nabet Zen Lotion

This is the first item I've received to review as a blogger. It's taken me a long time to review because skincare takes a little time to show a difference, if any. This product, despite its name, is not a lotion texture at all. It's a spray that you apply to your bare face that's meant to balance skin (either from feeling too dry or too oily) and offer some anti-aging benefits.

Zen Lotion has a pleasant, fresh scent that dissipates quickly after spraying. There is no residue. I've waited until my skin felt dry to apply it, and it did add a moisturizing quality. Dr. Nabet touts "revitalization skincare" as the driving force behind his brand: The products have a mix of vitamins (namely vitamins C and E), hyaluronic acid, and plant extracts all intended to have an anti-aging benefit. He also adds an element of "native oxygen," but after extensive research, I couldn't find solid information about the skincare benefits of this ingredient.

Zen lotion feels refreshing upon application, but I can't claim it has made any difference in the appearance of my skin: I saw no visible brightening or plumping effect from it. Anyone who wants to add moisture without the weight of a cream may benefit most from this product.. Zen Lotion feels cool and refreshing and may be most beneficial in the summer.

Please visit for more information about his skincare line. Product supplied by Beauty All opinions expressed above are my own and do not reflect Beauty Stat.


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