After-Work Makeover

I work with Sheena. We had long discussed doing her makeup, but the trickiest thing is trying to schedule this sometime around a work day. She is 48 and has no wrinkles. Although she is going through a rocky time, she tries to see the positive and tackle obstacles with a good attitude.

Because of time constraints, I had about 20 minutes to do this look on her (and she reminded me the entire time that "I have to go."). I used gold, bronze, and brown shadows to enhance her eyes. Though the camera didn't pick it up well, I mixed a bright pink cream blush and an orange lipstick to use as her blush. I finished her look with a caramel lip shade.

Sheena's tips (the good and the bad):

Although she has no wrinkles, she never wears sunscreen. She says she's allergic to the chemicals. I suggested she try sunblock or an organic version.

She swears by cocoa butter, even on her face. She applies it twice daily.

She loves Wen Cleansing Conditioner (I do, too).

She eats a lot of vegetables and thinks it's helped keep her looking youthful.

Every so often, she takes some "me time" by renting a hotel room and spending the weekend pampering herself. With some of her grown kids still at home, it's her only way to have time alone.

She smokes but is in a smoking cessation program.


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