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New York Fashion Week Makeup with James Vincent

Makeup artist James Vincent recapped New York Fashion Week just as the tumultuous event was winding down. Good-natured and grounded (with a wild sense of humor), Vincent is that perfect mix of industry veteran knowledge and fresh-eyed enthusiasm. He spoke during a pro-seminar at Make Up For Ever's NYC studio with both qualities in full-swing.

The first myth Vincent blew is that fashion week makeup is all about complex, artistic looks: In NYC, the looks have gone as bare as "a little concealer." The Fall forecast is a red lip - both matte and stained - paired with matching cheeks. And little else. The models were made up to appear as if they'd "fallen in snow," with the flush spreading down the cheek. At Marc Jacobs, the red lip "went high school" by pressing the color into the lip for a sheer finish. At Michael Kors, the lip was matte and polished.

There is no one red lip. There are hundreds.

New York is all about classic, understated looks. Go to…

Contouring and Highlighting Demo


Make Up For Ever's Pro-Seminars: MUAs Jen Evans and Orlando Santiago

Jen Evans, an educator at the Make Up For Ever Academy, has worked with the brand's founder, Dany Sanz. Once Evans began working at the seminar, the influence is apparent: Her style is artistic and outside of any limitations. She is inspired by painters and artists outside of the makeup world: Without copying their work, she tries to work off the style and bring her own influence to it.

Evans is an advocate of sometimes going into a look without a plan (something she admitted she did for that day's seminar): It forces your creativity and often results in a look that's more impressive than one that was thought-out.

Her tips:

She applies powder blush to a tissue, then brushes it onto the face. This creates a more diffused, natural look on the cheeks. She wipes off the blush brush to blend so that no additional product is deposited.

She improvises with what's available: Evans used Post-Its and applied them in strategic spots across the model's face, which controlled w…

Weekend in NYC and Make Up For Ever's Pro-Seminars


What's In My Travel Makeup Bag

I realize the video loops in one section. I'll have this fixed in a couple days. By the time of the upload, it was almost midnight, so I didn't have the energy to fix it right away.

Why I Don't #FF

FF - originally a hashtag for Friday Follow on Twitter - has morphed and is on many social networking sites. I never got into FF on Twitter, but there are a few people I follow - Daniel Sandler, James Vincent - who do Follow Fridays with a purpose: They will promote people that they think will benefit people with their interests. I take their advice the way I do when a reputable reviewer gives a product a nod: More often than not, the recommendation turns out to be rewarding, interesting, etc.

Why I don't like Follow Friday: Many use it now to promote their friends, creating a sense of an online clique. I never liked cliques in high school, and I still don't. The most interesting, talented people I found independently and by using my own mind. I trust most people can do the same. If I promote someone, it's often someone I don't know personally, but who is talented and hasn't been discovered by many yet. People's time is at a premium: I don't waste it promo…

Get Ready With Me: Everyday Work Makeup


Second Video: My Everyday Work Look/Makeup


Facebook: Social Networking Site/Publicly Traded Company worth $4 Billion

Facebook is in the earlier stages of becoming a publicly traded company on the NYSE. What this means is the investor pool is about to swell and go from private investors to anyone who wants a piece of that pie, including you or me. This also means the founder and president, Mark Zuckerberg, who is in his late 20s, is about to become a much richer man than he already was.

Reportedly, Facebook's private investor count had reached its legal limit of 500, which forces a company to open its books and become public. Would I invest in Facebook? People continue to point to the abandoned Myspace as an example of a social networking site's short lifespan. People are fickle, and popular sites can quickly go out of favor. Other questions: What will the price/share be? How big is the overall investor pie? Investors get their return in dividends, which are payouts based on their share of investments and the companies' profits. This isn't a simple or straightforward formula: Oil comp…

Trends in Makeup That Aren't Positive

Lately, I've hit a wall with some of the beauty bloggers and vloggers I once really enjoyed. This blog is not to criticize or knock anybody: It's simply to say that in all we love about makeup, there is a downside for some of us. This is, of course, simply my opinion, and I respect others' fully.

Makeup hauling and favorites of the month: I'm feeling more and more disconnected to beauty reviewers, some very young, who promote Chanel makeup and other very high-end brands almost exclusively. Granted, they may be in a position where buying a $45 foundation every other month or creams that are close to $100 is their normal. For many of their viewers, who are in the late teens-early 20s range, this is not. In college, I was eating ramen and scrambling to stockpile coupons so I could stick to my $40/month food budget. My father refused to let me get a credit card, because he knew of the college students who got themselves in trouble. Makeup, while I wore it, was a rare splu…