Trends in Makeup That Aren't Positive

Lately, I've hit a wall with some of the beauty bloggers and vloggers I once really enjoyed. This blog is not to criticize or knock anybody: It's simply to say that in all we love about makeup, there is a downside for some of us. This is, of course, simply my opinion, and I respect others' fully.

Makeup hauling and favorites of the month: I'm feeling more and more disconnected to beauty reviewers, some very young, who promote Chanel makeup and other very high-end brands almost exclusively. Granted, they may be in a position where buying a $45 foundation every other month or creams that are close to $100 is their normal. For many of their viewers, who are in the late teens-early 20s range, this is not. In college, I was eating ramen and scrambling to stockpile coupons so I could stick to my $40/month food budget. My father refused to let me get a credit card, because he knew of the college students who got themselves in trouble. Makeup, while I wore it, was a rare splurge and even then I stuck exclusively to affordable drugstore items.

The Hunger Game: One thing that is a negative in makeup is that hunger to always want to collect more, to want to know what's new and if it's better than what they already have. Our brains our wired to want new experiences: They're wired to adapt to a novelty, a new product,  a new environment, a mind-altering substance. This is the chemistry of our brains. The problem is, this hunger in the context of makeup tends to become an expensive beast to feed. If you cannot shut this wiring down yourself, shut of the triggers that make you crave more constantly. If you need to, seek help to deal with compulsive spending. It is categorized as a legitimate addiction in the medical field.

Makeup brands and certain beauty bloggers and vloggers will be happy to feed our desire to consume: This is their bread and butter. But the reality is, feeling out of control about your spending or getting yourself in deeper than you can afford is never a wise choice. I love makeup, as much as anyone does. I have fallen prey myself to the mindset that the more I have, the better; the newer I have, the better. I've had to take responsibility for more choices and turn the spicket off. If you're struggling with this and want to slow down, I want to remind you: You can too.


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