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The Ugliest Trend on Youtube

A young teenage girl stares into the camera and poses a vulnerable question: "Am I ugly? Please be honest. Am I?"

Unfortunately, it's not a rhetorical question. Teenage girls ask few of them. She truly wants to know. And to know - in her book - means asking potentially hundreds of thousands of strangers for feedback.

I'm too old to know what started this trend on Youtube, or why it's picked up so much. When I was a teenager, we dodged criticism and ridicule; we didn't invite it. And we certainly didn't make videos seeking it out.

The feedback, by and large, is as discouraging as you'd expect an anonymous group of posters would give. They range from "Your forehead is more like an eight-head" to inappropriate sexual innuendo. Essentially, you're "good enough to _______." Most of these girls look well under 16.

Parents, monitor your teens' internet use like it's border patrol, no matter how unpopular it makes you to them. …

Beauty in Your 30s

I remember the dread of my last year as a 20-something: Everything swirled in my head, from concerns about the next step in my career to my own sense of identity and what I wanted to contribute. Admittedly, another major concern was the changes I'd see as I got older. Straight up, it was vanity.

There's a saying: If you're lucky, you will get older. If you're luckier, you'll get older, wiser, and look good the whole time.

I won't lie: In your 30s, things change: Your metabolism begins to slow (from decreased muscle mass); fine lines and wrinkles become more visible (due to decreased collagen production and slower cell turnover); your body bounces back slower from dramatic physical changes, like pregnancy. Most people's hair begins to gray in their early 30s. There are theories that our increasingly hectic lifestyles have sped up the process from decades ago.

Here's the good news: Hitting your 30s means being more aware of the effects your habits have o…

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