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The Best of Top Makeup Brands

A quick rundown of the biggest strengths (and a few weaknesses) of some of the most popular makeup brands:

Urban Decay: Inventive and edgy, this brand ironically hit the stratosphere with a neutral palette, showing what the consumer constantly craves is a natural shade collection with a mix of textures and finishes. My opinion was Naked II was too similar to the original palette to warrant a new release, but the brand rode the popularity like a joke told one too many times. To continue to stay on people's radar, it needs to release more palettes that "make sense," meaning they have the strategy behind the Nakeds. Many of their older and newer palettes seem illogically mixed and a rundown of familiar colors.

Wet 'N Wild: This brand's saddest move has been removing the quality of the 6-pan palettes with the quantity of the 8-pan palettes (shattered shadow, anyone?). Lust and Greed still burn in my memory with the very adjectives behind their names. This brand cau…