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Dear Doctor

1. If I'm coming to you, I'm seeking help, not an argument. Please don't act like this is a "he said, she said."

2. When it takes four times longer to wait for you vs. an actual appointment, there's something wrong. I'm not causing you to be behind schedule; you're just behind schedule.

3. When you look glazed over and like you're on autopilot, I actually notice. When this happens in less than 10 minutes, I know you're burned out and waiting for retirement.

4. If you feel burned out, it's time for you to exit the practice and go to Maui or something. You do more damage than good by staying in the practice and not caring than exiting early and doing what it's obvious you really want to do: Vacation, jet ski, travel Europe, whatever.

5. You're not an expert on me: Please don't tell me you know what's right for me beyond what I know. Sometimes, you don't. Sometimes, you're actually wrong. Please take a little time to l…

Current Beauty Favorites from the Drugstore

L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner: One part sulfate-free shampoo to three parts moisturizing conditioners, this product will leave your hair feeling like silk. It feels like a big luxury, but at $6/bottle, there's no guilt.

Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows (Limited Edition): This line of mostly neutrals is what I'd hoped the permanent line would be: The shadows apply evenly and set to a budge-proof finish. They work wonderfully as a base for shadows but are wearable on their own.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Finishing Powder: Formulated with broad-spectrum SPF 25, this pressed powder is ideal the sun-conscious who want to add protection over makeup. It also sets makeup without an ounce of cakiness. One of the smartest products Maybelline has released, I hope it reappears on shelves soon.

CeraVe daytime moisturizer: It's a triple-threat with hyaluronic acid (which pulls moisture from the air), ceramides, and broad-spectrum sunscreen. Built to protect the moisture…