Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

When the glass base is almost as thick as the product inside, it's an attempted optical illusion of more product.

I love Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation, so when a whipped formula came out with largely positive reviews, I was intrigued. The original formula's universal fault is that it sets quickly and can look so matte it appears flat.

The new consistency was quizzical and seemed a little gimmicky: I guessed it was Revlon's answer to the criticism by creating a version that seemed rich and creamy. It took a while, but when I had a coupon I caved and tried this formula.

Each time, I ask myself if it's the same product by the same brand: Everything I love about Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation is lacking in this whipped formula. Even in cooler Fall weather, the formula wears down in a matter of four or five hours. I wouldn't attempt it in any kind of heat. It appears more smooth and dewy than the original liquid version upon application, but it wears down very quickly and turns streaky. Colorstay is the gold standard for being budge-proof makeup, so this product has been a disappointment for me.

The product is pricey at about $13 per jar and is less fluid ounces than the liquid version. If you look at the jar, the weight is generated by the excess glass and not the product.


  1. I agree with you! I've tried and tried to make this stuff work for me and it's just not happening.

    1. It's disappointing, because the Colorstay foundation is so good. I believed the hype. I think if I'd seen one review that wasn't a rave, I probably would've skipped it.


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