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Girl Talk and a Makeover


Review: Tilth Anti-Aging Firming Cream

Tilth Beauty is a new line of skincare products focusing on anti-aging. While there are countless companies in this lucrative market, the company is dedicated to being environmentally friendly, using solely wind-power to generate all packaging. The brand name is derived from the term used for soil that properly retains moisture and oxygen; this parallel between a healthy earth and health skin runs throughout the company's philosophy. The line contains no sulfates, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic fragrances or GMOs.

So with all that said, does the anti-aging firming cream? The consumer tends to think an emphasis on non-beauty areas like environmental responsibility and natural mean a product's effectiveness is compromised. The cream is a thick and emollient texture with no scent. It penetrates into skin quickly without any greasy residue. Skin looks firmer instantly from the hydration, but the company assures the ingredients have long-term benefits. Since I'…

Why I Beauty Blog & Vlog

1. I'm a woman who loves makeup and all things beauty. Let me rephrase: I could rattle off stats (for makeup brands, magazines, favorite looks, models from the 80s and on) and create a beauty version of Fantasy Football (Why aren't we?).

2. I've learned to embrace this passion in a way the doesn't cripple my self-image: It used to. I once saw makeup as an escape from how I looked and what I didn't like. Today, as Tony Robbins as it sounds, it has the opposite effect of fueling a positive self-image. I envy the girls coming of age in this decade, because the messages were much different 15 years ago.

3. I can write, and I can review: Bachelor's in Journalism and 10 years as a journalist make me dissect a beauty product and geek-out. When makeup brands started putting the 24-hour stamp on their products, I actually did test their products for a full 24 hours. Then I saw other reviewers laughing at the concept and realized I was alone.

4. I hate beauty marketing:…

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October Beauty Favorites and New Products