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Cleopatra Makeup


Glamorous Holiday Makeup Look


Where There's Smoke....

Products used:

Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow
Bronzer: Physician's Formula Bronze Booster
Lipstick: Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Sultry
Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Naked 2
Mascara: L'Oreal Full Definition

"No Makeup" Makeup

I wanted to do a look that simply enhanced Allison's natural beauty. When I see her, I see someone authentically happy with herself and life. Physically, she has radiant eyes and china-bone facial structure.

This "no makeup" look is to draw your attention to her features and not her makeup. I stayed with neutral tones on the eyes: Revlon Not Just Nudes for the overall lid and Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette in the crease. Her lashes were enhanced with a lengthening and waterproof (she was heading to the beach right after) mascara. Toffee lipstick and a coral cream blush finished the look.

Can You Be Too Pretty?

I recently worked with an intern so stunning that men tripped over themselves to assist her...with everything but work-related tasks. The odd thing was she took work seriously, was professional, and didn't flaunt her beauty.

Still, it was all the men seemed to see when dealing with her. I later wondered if her beauty - though it may fade in time - would haunt her more than help her through her career. Despite her hard work and dedication to work, any reflection on this woman's, um, assets was purely focused on her physical assets. She was definitely smart, but people didn't recognize that. She was hard-working, but people didn't mention it. The glaring memory was of her beauty.

At work, unless you're a model, can being beautiful or handsome create its own prejudice? Do people judge  you as smarter or dumb, as if you're riding on your looks, as if you can't be taken seriously?

Years ago, I read an article where a woman knew her looks got her in most doors. L…

Recent Beauty Discoveries

I've found a few gems in the last couple months that are worth checking out.

Olay Line Filler: Not a treatment, this product binds with your moisturizer and instantly minimizes the look of wrinkles and recessed areas. The precision applicator makes it easy to apply to specific problem zones. Instantly, your skin looks more youthful. It's a great equalizer after a bad night's sleep or if you have areas that chronically could use some plumping.

L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara: The gold-tube mascara in the ever-expanding Voluminous line creates longer and fuller lashes with a single stroke. It doesn't clump and the results are clean and polished. This is the best mascara I've tried in a long time and one I'll repurchase.

Urban Decay Naked2 palette: I once thought this palette was too similar to the original and too cool-toned for my skin. The steel packaging is a step-up from the original Naked palette and the variety of shades make for endless pos…

Review: Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers

Is it the end of the comb-over? Not quite, but this product gives the appearance of a full head of hair for those suffering from minor balding. Viviscal, a brand which first created buzz for its hair-growth vitamins, has launched a product used to fill in bald patches and disguise thinning hair.

Because I currently don't have either, this was a tricky review: The product comes in a shaker-top plastic jar, filled with small fibers that match your hair color. For about a week, I looked at the product with both curiousity and a little trepidation: Images of clearly balding scalps made me wonder how I'd do a real review. I tried to think of a friend with dark hair (no luck) and how to test it on her or him without insult (no way). I finally tested it by applying it to my scalp where the part is.

The shaker made me feel like I was seasoning my head. The fibers come out in small volumes, like actual pepper. What I did immediately notice was that the visible flesh in the part area w…

The Art of the Cosmetic Sale

Last week, I was walking through the mall when two men holding small packets asked me if I'd like a sample. At first, I gave the reflexive decline. On my way back, they waved the packets again. I glanced at the storefront, which resembled a Godiva shop. I figured they were offering candy, so of course, I caved.

From there, it's a slight blur. The sales manager held up the packet - which ended up being a disappointing hand cream - and backed his way into the store with me close behind. Within seconds, I was bombarded with both flattery and "don't take this the wrong way, but...."

"You have great genes," he cooed. He even asked me to furrow my brow, suspecting I've had botox. Seconds later he was observing sun spots and undereye bags. That's the art of the sale: Flatter the person, but make her feel like there's still room for improvement.

The brand is Orogold, which touts real gold in its ingredients for anti-aging properties. This allows the…

One Change A Month: Beauty & Fitness

These Youtube stills are brutal.

Current Beauty Favorites - February 2013


Anatomy of a Makeover

Tammy's youthful look belies her age (38); she still often gets carded when buying alcohol. Now a stay-at-home mom to two boys, an alpaca, three sheep, and countless chickens, she rarely wears makeup. I wanted to show how someone can look refreshed - and even younger - with makeup. A friend for 20 years, she is probably the most genuine and kind person I know, so the goal was to simply enhance that quality without changing her overall appearance or masking anything.

What's Been Going On

I've had the toughest two months of my life: Lost my job, was hospitalized, etc. Along the way, I've learned how many people are struggling, suffering, hurting. If you are, you're not alone and you will get through it.

I plan to get back to beauty blogging soon, but right now my life has been chaotic.

What's been saving me: Reading a lot of Eckhart Tolle, watching sunsets, having faith. What I know is life throws us curveballs (usually in 3's), and sometimes it takes a lot of things to fall apart in order to be rebuilt.