Anatomy of a Makeover

Tammy's youthful look belies her age (38); she still often gets carded when buying alcohol. Now a stay-at-home mom to two boys, an alpaca, three sheep, and countless chickens, she rarely wears makeup. I wanted to show how someone can look refreshed - and even younger - with makeup. A friend for 20 years, she is probably the most genuine and kind person I know, so the goal was to simply enhance that quality without changing her overall appearance or masking anything.

Tammy sans any artifice

The night before her makeover, I used a box color with golden highlights to brighten her overall look.
Believing that prepping the skin in crucial, I started with Time Balm face mask. With blueberry and white tea extracts, it gently exfoliated and moisturized the skin.

I then used a moisturizer before applying Mary Kay Timewise Luminous-Skin Foundation. It lasted all day and left her looking dewy, not a bit shiny.

I combed her brows, applied Maybelline's Bad to the Bronze as a primer, and dusted her lids with a golden-brown shadow (to bring out her blue eyes). Her cheeks were dusted with Cover Girl's Instant Cheekbones blush in peach, and a nude/pink lipstick finished the look. False lashes accentuated her eyes.


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