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Review: Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers

Is it the end of the comb-over? Not quite, but this product gives the appearance of a full head of hair for those suffering from minor balding. Viviscal, a brand which first created buzz for its hair-growth vitamins, has launched a product used to fill in bald patches and disguise thinning hair.

Because I currently don't have either, this was a tricky review: The product comes in a shaker-top plastic jar, filled with small fibers that match your hair color. For about a week, I looked at the product with both curiousity and a little trepidation: Images of clearly balding scalps made me wonder how I'd do a real review. I tried to think of a friend with dark hair (no luck) and how to test it on her or him without insult (no way). I finally tested it by applying it to my scalp where the part is.

The shaker made me feel like I was seasoning my head. The fibers come out in small volumes, like actual pepper. What I did immediately notice was that the visible flesh in the part area w…