Makeover: College Co-Ed to Glamour Girl

I have a problem: I see people, and I don't see how they look. I see what I would do to them, how I would do their makeup if life were my own makeup studio, how they could look. I do this constantly - on trains, in stores, everywhere. I have actually approached people and asked if I could do their makeup. The oddest thing is I'm shy, and even odder is that everyone so far has said yes (although women have told me if I were a man the question would creep them out).

Alyssa is a naturally beautiful 20-year-old woman; there isn't anything to "fix." But when I saw her photo of her own makeup, my mind did a mental transformation of her. In person, I saw a waifish girl with skin magazines herald as creamy and features so delicate they seemed almost invisible.

Alyssa with makeup as she does it

Alyssa after I did her makeup


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