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How to Build the Life of Your Dreams and Save it in the Process

You want to get away. Not just a weekend trip for a short break from the hustle of everyday life. You want to get away.
Maybe that means shedding all of the self that you’ve ever known. Maybe that means ditching the mundane routine you’ve barely muddled through for a decade. Maybe that means looking up and being able to truly appreciate the oddities of a rare beetle or the smell of baking bread without a deadline approaching. Maybe you’re aching for something far deeper.
It starts with getting away. That’s all you know for sure.
Hotel Caribe Town, a rustic bed and breakfast deliberately set five hours away from the nearest international airport in Costa Rica, is really getting away. Don’t just try it for the colorful, soothing d├ęcor or the homemade breakfasts or the personal greeting you get from the owner.
Try it because the owner knows exactly how you feel, and she created a space that’s balm to urban angst.
The owner is a testament of survival and grit, thriving today against ove…